Watch Video
Competitive Edge of Our AR Glasses
High Brightness Micro-LED Display
Light Weight 80g
Water Resistant
Up to 8 hours of continuous use
Wirelessly tethered to iOS or Android & Syncs to Peripherals
Voice control & ChatGPT
Binocular Waveguide Display System
3,000,000 nitsbrightness with avarage in-eye, brightness1150nits
The World's Smallest MicroLED Display
The 0.13-inch MicroLED micro-display panel, ensuring optimal comfort for wearers
4K 120°Wide-angle Camera
First-Person View, without distortion 120 FoV/ 8MP Camera
Sports Data Visualization and Navigation
Rest assured that all your outdoor sports scenes are captured withhead up display and safe riding, the real-time navigation systemsets your hands free.
Syncs to Peripherals & Sports Reports Generation

LAWK ONE supports the integration of external devices, allowing you to customize an experience that fits your needs, and it can generate a report that enables you to keep track of your progress and share your achievements with ease.

Take Pictures & Record Videos
No exhilarating moment escapes LAWK ONE with hand-free andfirst-person perspectives. LAWK ONE comes equipped with a shootingbutton and voice command that allow you to quickly snap and shoot4K HD high quality videos
Music Playback time
8 hours
Option for customized prescription lenses.