Privacy Policy


Hong Kong Lawaken Technology Limited and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "Lawaken" or "we") attach great importance to your personal information, We developed this Privacy Policy to provide you with information on how we process your personal data when you use our website, LAWK mobile app and wearable devices or other devices that are compatible with LAWK.

"Personal data" is information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Additional information specific to your jurisdiction may be provided in a separate document. Please scroll to the "Your Rights" section to view our supplemental policies that may apply to you. The legal grounds for processing personal data specified in this Privacy Policy are based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (‘CCPA’) as well as laws in other jurisdictions that have similar grounds.

Before using LAWK or any wearable devices of us, you must agree to the provisions in this policy regarding how we collect, use, and store your information. If you do not agree to any part of this privacy policy, please immediately stop using or accessing our products and services. If you have any questions about this policy, please send an email to and we will resolution within one month of receiving your message.

Key points as follows:

  • Categories of Personal Data Processed by Lawaken
  • Categories of Recipients of Personal Data
  • Retention of Personal Data
  • Personal data protection
  • International Transfers of Personal Data
  • Cookies and Similar Technologies
  • Monitoring and Analytics
  • Automated Decision-Making, Including Profiling
  • Children
  • Newsletter and email communication
  • Your Rights
  • Privacy Policy Updates
  • Contact Us

    1.Categories of Personal Data Processed by Lawaken

    1.1.Registration and login

    1.1.1.Registration with email

    When you use LAWK, we will ask you to provide your email address and password.

    (a)We process your email address and password because you use your email address and password to sign in to your account. The legal ground for processing your email address and password for this purpose is our legitimate interest in protecting the security of your account. The legal ground for processing this information for this purpose is our legitimate interest in protecting the security of your account.

    (b)We also process your email address for the purpose of sending you important information about your Lawaken’s products, services, apps, or account, such as important safety information or material changes to this Privacy Policy.

    (c)If you provide your opt-in consent to receiving marketing information from us, we will also process your email address for the purpose of sending you marketing information about our products, services, and apps, as well as newsletters. The legal ground for processing your email address for this purpose is your consent.


    (d)We also process your email address to notify customers when they have violated our terms. The legal ground for this processing is our legitimate interest in ensuring a quality experience for all customers and ensuring adherence to our terms.

    1.1.2.Registration with Google

    When you use LAWK, you can register with Google.

    The data processing associated with Google registration is based on our legitimate interest in providing our users with the simplest possible registration process.  The provider of this service is Google Ireland Limited ("Google"), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. To register with Google, you only need to enter your Google name and password. Google will identify you and confirm your identity on our website.

    When you sign in with Google, we can use certain information from your account to complete your profile with us. You decide whether and which information this is within the scope of your Google security settings, which you can find here:

    Since the use of the registration function is voluntary and the users themselves can decide on the respective access options, no conflicting overriding rights of the data subjects are apparent.

    1.1.3. Registration with Apple

    The Continue with Apple option allows you to sign in to LAWK while maintaining your privacy. Apple knows that you have enabled the "Continue with Apple" option for an app or website but does not track which apps or websites you sign in to or when. When you first sign in to an app using Continue with Apple, Apple uses information about your account and your experience with Apple, along with information about your device and device usage patterns, to prevent fraud.

    When you sign in using the "Continue with Apple" option, Apple provides us with a unique ID instead of your email address. Because we may have legitimate reasons to collect more information about you (such as to contact you via email), we may ask you for your name or email address when you use Continue with Apple. By default, we use the name associated with your Apple ID. If you choose to hide your email address, Apple generates a unique email address for us to use to communicate with you. Apple forwards emails received from this address to an email address associated with your Apple ID. Apple then deletes these messages after they are sent or after a short period of time if they are undeliverable.

    The first time you use Continue with Apple for a new app, for fraud prevention and security reasons, Apple tells LAWK a simple numeric code so it can trust that you are a real person. This code is derived from your current Apple account activity and combined with information extracted from your device and device usage patterns. Neither Apple nor the developer receives any specific information about how you use your device.

    Apple uses your information as required by law and for fraud prevention. By using "Continue with Apple," you consent to Apple, its affiliates and agents transferring, collecting, managing, processing and using this information as described above. Information collected by Apple will be used in accordance with Apple's Privacy Policy. The data processing associated with the Apple registration is based on our legitimate interest in providing our users with the simplest possible registration process.

    1.2. Smart device connection

    In order to provide you with the connection and management services of smart devices, we will collect your personal data to the minimum possible extent within the scope of the law, as listed below:

    • Account information: LAWK account ID, email
    • Network: IP address, WiFi name, Mac address, networking status, network communication data type
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth name, Mac address, Bluetooth pairing information, Bluetooth connection status
    • Mobile phone related information: device ID, GPS location information, sensor communication
    • Smart device related: device name, device model, firmware version, device binding and unbinding status, IMEI, relationship with LAWK account, installation list, etc.

      1.3. Sports and health data

      (a) In order to record your exercise data more accurately, it may be necessary to provide the latest personal physical information. You can choose to fill in gender, date of birth, height, and body according to your own needs to complete your information.

      (b) In order to record the accuracy of your cycling, walking and other sports, record your sports path and provide a route map for you, you need to provide your location information so that we can achieve the smart functions and sports experience you expect. If you do not provide it, you will not be able to enjoy the corresponding functions and best service effects.

      (c) In order to record the data in use of the hardware and experience the complete AR service, it is necessary to enable the Bluetooth function to realize the synchronization of exercise and health-related data (including heart rate, steps, exercise data, weight, personal information that has been agreed to be uploaded and Personal body data), if you refuse to open it, you will not be able to use the main functions of the APP, but it will not affect your normal use of other functions of LAWK. At the same time, you can also cancel this permission at any time through the relevant function settings. But when you cancel the authorization, we will no longer collect this information, and we will no longer be able to provide you with the above-mentioned corresponding services; but unless you delete your information in accordance with the law, your cancellation will not affect We process and store information based on your previous authorization.

      (d) Health data synchronization

      The LAWK app does not provide cloud data storage, and only the latest 100 pieces of sports data are kept. In addition, when you uninstall the app, these data will not be restored.

      Therefore, according to your own needs, you can authorize Apple health or Google connect platform to store the data generated in LAWK, synchronize key sports data, and store them in the data format of Apple health or Google connect.

      1.4.Software upgrade

      In order to keep you using the latest lawaken-related services, we will use your device information version and mobile phone model for application upgrades. We will collect and connect your connected smart device list and version information to provide hardware upgrades for smart devices to ensure that you use the latest version of the service (including software version).

      1.5.Device permissions

      The following device permissions may be triggered when you use the smart device provided by lawaken. In order to enable you to better manage your information, we will simultaneously inform you of the purpose of using the permission when using the product, and the scope of services that may be affected if you do not enable the permission, please review it carefully.

      The following is the relevant function description and calling details:

      • Bluetooth permission: used to find, connect to devices, and communicate with devices.
      • Microphone permission: used to obtain voice assistants, make calls, and record sounds when shooting videos.
      • Network permissions: used for the networked use of map navigation services when connecting devices, WiFi hotspot network connections for device communication, and allowing applications to use WLAN and cellular networks.
      • Storage space permission: used to store photos and files taken by the device to the local album, and store sports and health data locally.
      • Camera permission: used for the device to take photos and videos, upload pictures when giving feedback, and set account personal avatars.
      • Album permission: used to synchronize the video and picture information you voluntarily download to your mobile phone, store exercise report pictures, etc.
      • Notification forwarding permission: used to forward some notifications from the mobile phone to the smart device.
      • Location permission: used for location-based related services (including navigation, sports, picture location information)
      • Body monitoring authority: Based on the capabilities of smart devices, your exercise status, exercise consumption and heart rate data will be monitored.
      • Background activity permission: used for mobile phone application background activity to ensure the normal connection and communication of smart devices.
      • Smart voice service: It is used to provide you with functions with AI features. You can perform various functional operations through the smart voice service, including but not limited to wake-up, smart management, information query, processing pictures and text, etc.

        1.6. Non-personal information

        We may also collect other information that cannot identify a specific individual and is not personal information, such as statistical data generated when you use specific services. The purpose of collecting this information is to improve our services to you. The type and amount of information collected depends on how you use our products or services.

        2. Categories of Recipients of Personal Data

        2.1. Third-party applications, platforms or service providers with which you LAWK share your data.

        If you choose to authorize us to allow a third party (such as your health plan provider) to access your activity data, then we will share the data with the third party. We will not do this without your express consent. Once you instruct us to share data with a third party, the third party is responsible for the processing of your personal data by the third party, and you should carefully read the third party's privacy policy. You can choose to stop sharing data with third-party applications, platforms or service providers at any time within your LAWK account.

        2.2. Mapbox maps

        We have integrated with Mapbox, Inc. ("Mapbox"), 14th street in Washington, DC. Mapping tools for the service "Mapbox" (Mapbox Privacy Policy). Mapbox only uses user data for the purpose of displaying map functions, navigation and temporarily storing selected settings. These data may include, inter alia, the user's IP address and location data, however, this data will not be collected without their consent (usually performed in the settings of their mobile device). Data may be processed in the United States. Please refer to theMapbox Privacy Policy for more information.

        If the corresponding consent has been requested, we will use your personal data based on the provisions of GDPR, CCPA, and you can withdraw your consent at any time in accordance with the US General Data Protection Regulation.

        2.3. Other service providers

        We use cloud services from third parties such as: Firebase to assist login and mail services. These services track activity related to these emails, such as whether they are opened and links in the emails are clicked. We use this data to analyze engagement levels with our emails.

        Among other things, we use data storage facilities and services, advertising and marketing services, and other business services, and these third parties may process your personal information on behalf of LAWK or for one or more purposes of this Privacy Policy.

        We use third-party service providers to help us better understand the usage and performance of our products, services, websites and applications. See the "Monitoring and Analysis" section for details.


        3. Retention of Personal Data

        We are committed to protecting and respecting your personal information. We will notify you of entrustment to process or transfer overseas by electronic means when we collect your personal information as follows. The period that the transferee is allowed to retain may vary depending on the use of our services and related terms, laws and regulations. We transmit your personal information with appropriate security measures for the operation of the platform.

        We store necessary personal data on web hosting servers provided by Alibaba Cloud (Singapore) Private Limited (“Alibaba Cloud”).

        We will not disclose your personal information unless you have given your separate consent.

        We promise to always store your personal information within a reasonable and necessary period in accordance with the law. After the above period has expired, we will delete your personal information.

        When our products or services cease to operate, we will notify you in the form of push notifications, announcements, etc., and delete your personal information within a reasonable period.

        If we need to transfer personal information due to merger, division, dissolution, bankruptcy declaration, etc., we will inform you of the receiver's name or name and contact information, and require the receiver to continue to perform the obligations of the personal information processor, such as receiving If the party changes the original purpose and method of processing, we will ask you to obtain your consent again.

        4. Personal data protection

        In order to protect the security of your personal information, we will strive to adopt various security measures that meet industry standards to protect your personal information to minimize the loss, damage, theft, disclosure, unauthorized access, use, and disclosure of your personal information and risk of change. We will use various security protection measures within a reasonable level of security to ensure the security of information, including:

        (1) Use encryption technology, anonymization processing, etc. to ensure that your data remains private during transmission;

        (2) Provide a variety of security functions to help you protect your account security;

        (3) review our practices in collecting, storing and processing information (including physical security measures) to prevent unauthorized access to our systems;

        (4) All employees, contractors and agents of lawaken who must have access to personal information due to the provision of services must abide by the strict confidentiality obligations stipulated in the contract, otherwise they may be punished or terminated;

        (5) We establish a data classification and grading system, data security management norms, and data security development norms to manage and regulate the storage and use of personal information to ensure that no personal information irrelevant to the services we provide is collected.

        You can set a unique password for LAWK by not disclosing your login password or account information to anyone (unless the person is officially authorized by you), so as to prevent other website password leaks from endangering your account security in LAWK. At any time, please do not disclose your account information to anyone (including those who claim to be lawaken's customer service). Whenever you log in as a LAWK account user, especially when logging in on someone else's computer, mobile phone or public Internet terminal, you should always log out at the end of use.

        LAWK is not responsible for security breaches caused by third parties accessing your personal information due to your failure to keep your personal information private. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you should notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account by any other Internet user or any other breach of security. Your assistance will help us protect the privacy of your personal information.

        5. International Transfers of Personal Data

        When uploading data with a LAWK account, your personal data will be collected and stored on servers in the United States. In order to provide our products, applications and services, we may need to transfer your personal data to lawaken in other countries Affiliates.


        6. Cookies and Similar Technologies

        Cookies are small text files that do not cause any damage to your device. They are either temporarily stored on your device for the duration of a session (session cookies) or permanently stored(permanent cookies). Session cookies are automatically deleted at the end of your visit. Permanent cookies remain stored on your device until you delete them yourself or your web browser automatically deletes them.

        We use cookies on our website, among other things, to keep track of services you have used, record registration information, record your user preferences, keep you logged into the site and track the pages you visit.LAWK has a legitimate interest in the storage of cookies for the technically error-free and optimised provision of its services. In some cases, third-party cookies can also be stored on your device when you enter our website (third-party cookies). These enable you or us to use certain third-party services (such as logged cookies).

        If cookies are used by third parties or for analysis purposes, we will inform you separately within the scope of this privacy policy and, if necessary, request consent.

        7. Monitoring and Analytics

        During your use of our services, in order to understand the suitability of the product, ensure the security of your account and system operation, judge the risk of your account, ensure that we provide you with normal services, and collect statistics and troubleshoot abnormal information, we will collect your Information about the services used and how they are used, including information that may be generated when you use LAWK sports, navigation and other services.

        Such information includes:

        (a)Google: Google Analytics. is used to track statistics and user demographics, interests and behaviour. Learn more about. how this analytics information is used, how to control the use of your information, and how to opt out of having your data used by Google Analytics.

        (b)Firebase (Crashlytics): Microsoft App Center, formerly HockeyApp, Firebase (Crashlytics) is a Google service used to help us better understand usage to improve user experience, and to identify and resolve the root cause of crashes or errors.

        For information on monitoring and analytics providers who rely on cookies, please see the "Cookies and Similar Technologies" section.

        (c) Google Ads: Lawaken uses Google Ads to draw the attention of website visitors to our LAWK application. Google Ads is an online advertising program of Google Ireland Limited (“Google”), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.

        Google Ads enables us to display advertisements on the Google search engine or on third-party websites when users enter certain search terms on Google (keyword targeting). In addition, targeted advertising can be played on the basis of user data provided by Google (e.g. location data and interests) (target group targeting). As the website operator, we can quantitatively evaluate this data by means of analytics, for example which search terms lead to the display of our advertisements and how many of them lead to the corresponding clicks. You can find details here: Data Transfer Framework - Privacy and Terms - Google and

        (d) Log information: In order to locate problems encountered by smart devices or software, including configuration information provided by your smart device or other programs used to access our services, we need to record operation logs locally on the device, including your IP address and the version used by the mobile device, access time, browsing history.

        8. Automated Decision-Making, Including Profiling

        In order to ensure the running experience of mobile applications, we will not keep local data indefinitely, which means that some of your exercise data records may be automatically deleted after the time limit expires. Otherwise, we will not make any automated processing decisions for you.

        9. Children

        We request individuals under the age of 13 in the U.S. and under the age of 16 in the rest of the world not provide personal data to Lawaken. If we learn that we have collected personal data from a child under the age of 13 in the U.S. or under 16 in the rest of the world, we will take steps to delete the information as soon as possible.

        10. Your Rights

        We attach great importance to the management of your personal information, and do our best to protect your rights to query, update, change, export, delete and withdraw your consent to personal information, so that you have sufficient ability to maintain your privacy and personal information security.

        (a) When you use our products and services, you will be required to provide your real personal information. You should be responsible for the authenticity, legality, validity and completeness of the information you provide, and update and maintain your personal information in a timely manner. Personal information to ensure the authenticity, legality and validity of the information. You can manage your personal information at any time, such as your personal account registration information.

        (b) Through the design of the interactive interface, we provide you with channels to access, query, and correct relevant personal information. You can set it in the following ways:

        ① You can access and correct your personal information through "My Profile" - "Avatar", including gender, birthday, and health information;

        ② You can modify the synchronization settings of exercise data through "My" - "health connect"

        (c) You can delete your content or personal information from the LAWK account by yourself, or ask us to delete or modify the information. For example, if you want to delete your personal account, you can send an email to to contact us and submit your request request, we will contact you within 1 month after receipt and complete the verification and processing.

        (d) In some cases, we retain data for a limited period of time for legal purposes or legitimate business needs. Every effort is made to ensure that LAWK's services protect information from accidental or malicious deletion. Therefore, if you delete something, we may delete copies of it from our active and backup systems within 1 month.

        (e) You can copy, export the content under your personal account name or use it for non-LAWK services at any time, you can send an email to to contact us with your request, we will contact you when we receive it The verification and processing will be completed within 1 month after that.

        (f) Withdrawal of consent

        You may withdraw consent previously granted to us for specific purposes, including the collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal information in our possession or control, by submitting a request. According to the specific service you use, you can perform related operations by sending an email to We will process your request within a reasonable time after you make the request, and will no longer collect, use and/or disclose your personal information based on your request thereafter.

        Depending on the scope of your withdrawal of consent, it may result in you not being able to continue to enjoy LAWK's products or services. However, your decision to withdraw your consent or authorization will not affect the validity of our previous personal information processing activities based on your consent.

        Note: After you withdraw your authorization from the Privacy Policy, we will no longer process your personal information. At the same time, we will delete all your personal information. Unless you re-register for a LAWK account, you will not be able to continue to use the product functions provided by LAWK. Please proceed with caution.

        11. Privacy Policy Updates

        We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time as we add new products, services, and apps, as we improve our current offerings, and as technologies and laws change. You can determine when this Privacy Policy was last revised by referring to the “Last Updated” legend at the top of this page. Any changes will become effective upon our posting of the revised Privacy Policy.

        We will provide notice to you if these changes are material and, where required by applicable law, we will obtain your consent. This notice will be provided by email or by posting notice of the changes on the LAWK apps that link to this Privacy Policy.

        12. Contact Us

        Lawaken would love to hear any questions, concerns or feedback about this Privacy Policy or Lawaken's data protection practices. Please contact us  by email at

        Last update: May 10, 2023.