Terms of use

Welcome to sign this "User Terms of Use" (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms") and use Lawaken (as defined below) services with Hong Kong Lawaken Technology Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies.

Lawaken's products and services are composed of wearable devices, LAWK application and Lawaken's official website. These terms of service are the agreement between the user and Lawaken Company when using the products and services provided by Lawaken Company.

Important hint:
Please read these terms of use carefully before using any Lawaken products or services. Use of any Lawaken products or services constitutes your agreement to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, you may not use Lawaken's smart devices or applications.

If we and our affiliated companies provide services or products of Lawaken, but do not have an independent user agreement, this Agreement also applies to those services or products. If we and our affiliated companies have separately established user agreements for the products or services they provide to you, the corresponding user agreements shall apply to the corresponding products or services.

Lawaken may revise these terms of use at any time by updating the webpage. You are bound by any such modifications and should therefore periodically visit this page to review these Terms of Use.

Special Reminder: If you are under the age of 16, please read this agreement accompanied by your legal guardian.

The agreement contains the following:
1. Product and service introduction
2. Account, password and security
3. User specification
4. Use and protection of user data
5. Intellectual Property Statement
6. Disclaimer
7. Liability for breach of contract
8. Changes, suspension or termination of products/services
9. Applicable laws and dispute resolution methods
10. Other provisions

1.Product and service introduction
1.1.LAWK provides users with a variety of products and services, including but not limited to cycling, walking, navigation, photo albums, etc. Users can obtain the products and services provided by LAWK through authorization.

1.2.LAWK only provides online products and services, in addition to equipment related to network services (such as mobile phones, personal computers, and other devices related to accessing the Internet or mobile networks) and required fees (such as access The telephone fee and Internet fee paid for using the Internet, and the mobile phone fee paid for using the mobile network) shall be borne by the user.

1.3. The software and services provided by LAWK are used in Lawaken’s smart wearable devices, and provide users who use the smart devices with device connection and binding, function setting management and sports health data services. Specifically, the services actually provided by LAWK are: allow.

1.4. In order to improve user experience and service content, Lawaken has the right to provide you with replacement, modification and upgrade versions of the software from time to time. The software enables the "upgrade reminder" function by default for users, depending on the software version used by the user. Lawaken provides users with the option to activate this function. After the new version of the software is released, Lawaken does not guarantee that the old version of the software will continue to be available.

1.5.LAWK provides functional modules that support third-party applications for users to use, including but not limited to email login, etc., as well as various services that may appear in the future. When using such applications, users shall abide by this agreement and the corresponding agreements, terms or rules of the application. The rights and obligations between users and developers shall be implemented with reference to relevant agreements, terms or rules. When using software and services provided by third parties, users must understand and agree to:

When the user uses the applications and services provided by the third-party developer, the third-party developer will obtain the user's personal data and content information according to the user's authorization. These materials and information are authorized to third parties at the user's own discretion. The rules and regulations regarding the processing of personal information when you use third-party applications and services are subject to the content stipulated in the "Privacy Policy". Users must be clear: Your authorization to a third party to obtain your personal data and content information may lead to the risk of information leakage; when you use third-party services, in addition to complying with this agreement and other relevant rules of Lawaken, You should also abide by the agreements and relevant rules of the third party. Any disputes, losses or damages arising from third-party software and related services shall be resolved by you and the third party, for which Lawaken shall not be liable.

2. Account
2.1.Registration Qualifications
2.1.1. You can start using LAWK products and related services without registration, but some functions or services may be affected.

2.1.2. You confirm that when you complete the registration process or actually use the products and services provided by LAWK in other ways permitted by LAWK, you should be a natural person, legal person or other organization with full capacity for civil rights and full capacity for civil conduct. If you do not have the aforementioned subject qualifications, you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences resulting therefrom, and LAWK has the right to delete or permanently freeze your account, and reserves the right to claim compensation from you or your guardian.

2.1.3. Minors under the age of 16 and other persons with incomplete capacity for civil conduct should use LAWK's products and services under the guidance of their legal guardians.

2.2. Account and password
2.2.1. In order to fully use the products and services provided by LAWK, you must register for an account provided by LAWK. The user (you) shall be responsible for the authenticity, legality, validity and completeness of the information provided when registering a LAWK account, and maintain and update your personal information in a timely manner to ensure the authenticity, legality and validity of the information.

2.2.2. The ownership and related rights and interests of your registered account in LAWK belong to the company, and you only have the right to use the account after completing the registration procedures. Your account is limited to your own use, and without the written consent of Lawaken, it is forbidden to give, borrow, rent, transfer, sell or authorize others to use the account in any form. If Lawaken finds out or has reasonable grounds to believe that the user is not the initial registrant of the account, Lawaken has the right to temporarily or terminate the service provided to the registered account, and has the right to delete the account without legal liability to the user who registered the account. responsibility.

2.2.3. Lawaken hereby reminds you to protect your account and password, and do not disclose the account and password to others. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, and are responsible for all activities (such as information disclosure) that occur under your account and password. Lawaken cannot and will not be responsible for any losses arising from your failure to comply with the provisions of this clause. If you find anyone using your account and password without authorization, you must notify Lawaken immediately. You can send an email to service@Lawaken.com to make your request. You must understand and agree that it takes reasonable time for Lawaken to take action according to your request, and Lawaken will not be liable for any adverse consequences that have occurred before taking action. Account theft or loss due to other people’s malicious attacks or your own reasons or other irresistible factors shall be borne by you, and Lawaken shall not bear any responsibility.

2.3. Delete account
If you want to delete your account, you can do it through "Avatar" - "Settings" - "Delete Account". When you delete your account, we will permanently clear your personal information.

If you wish to delete your LAWK account, since the deletion of your LAWK account will prevent you from using all of Lawaken's products or services, please proceed with caution. You back up all information and data related to the LAWK account before operation. Lawaken will not bear any responsibility for any adverse effects on you caused by the deletion of your account.

3. User specification
3.1. The user may use the software and services in accordance with this agreement on the premise of complying with the law and this agreement, and the user shall not perform the following acts:
3.1.1. Delete all copyright-related information on this software and other copies, and modify, delete or avoid technical measures set by this software to protect intellectual property rights.

3.1.2. Reverse engineering the software, such as disassembly, decompilation or other attempts to obtain the source code of the software.

3.1.3. By modifying or falsifying the instructions and data in the running of the software, adding, deleting, or changing the functions or operating effects of the software, or operating or disseminating the software and methods used for the above purposes to the public, regardless of whether these acts are for commercial purposes.

3.1.4. Use this software to conduct any behavior that endangers network security, including but not limited to: using unauthorized data or entering unauthorized servers/accounts; unauthorized access to public networks or other people’s operating systems and deleting, modifying , Increase stored information; Unauthorized attempts to probe, scan, test the weaknesses of the software's system or network or other behaviors that undermine network security; Attempts to interfere with, destroy the normal operation of the software system or website, intentionally spread malicious programs or viruses And other acts of disrupting and interfering with normal network information services; forging TCP/IP data packet names or partial names.

3.1.5. Users log in or use the software and services through third-party compatible software or systems that are not developed, authorized or recognized by Lawaken, or make, publish and disseminate the above tools.

3.1.6. Without Lawaken’s written consent, the user’s unauthorized implementation of the software and its information includes but is not limited to the following behaviors: use, lease, lend, copy, modify, link, reproduce, compile, publish, publish, and create mirror images Sites, unauthorized use of this software to develop derivative products, works, services, plug-ins, plug-ins, compatibility, interconnection, etc.

3.1.7. Use this software to publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that violates your local laws.

3.1.8. Use this software to publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that infringes on other people's intellectual property rights, business secrets, and other legal rights.

3.1.9. Use this software to publish, transmit and disseminate advertising information and junk information in batches.

3.1.10. Other use of the software and other services provided by Lawaken in any illegal way, for any illegal purpose, or in any manner inconsistent with the use permitted by this agreement.

3.2. The user understands and agrees:
3.2.1. Lawaken will determine whether the user is suspected of violating the above usage specifications, and based on the determination result, suspend or terminate your use license or take other restrictive measures that can be taken in accordance with this agreement.

3.2.2. Lawaken will directly delete the information released by the user when using the licensed software that is suspected of violating the law or violating the legal rights of others or violating this agreement.

3.2.3. For any damage caused to a third party by the user's violation of the above usage specifications, you need to bear the legal responsibility independently in your own name, and you should ensure that Lawaken is free from losses or additional expenses.

3.2.4. If the user violates the relevant laws and regulations or the agreement, causing Lawaken to suffer losses, or be claimed by a third party, or punished by the administrative authority, the user shall compensate Lawaken for the losses and (or) Expenses incurred, including reasonable attorney fees, investigation and evidence collection expenses.

4. User personal information protection and network security
Lawaken promises to protect the privacy of users in accordance with the privacy policy of this product. For details, please refer to: Privacy Policy.

The network connection between you and LAWK, the security and confidentiality of data transmission are affected by the technology adopted by you and your telecom operator, or other external factors outside LAWK, although LAWK has adopted prudent internal security management Systems and operating procedures and technical measures to prevent computer viruses, network attacks, and network intrusions that endanger network security. The information and data you send to LAWK may still be intercepted by others, and LAWK cannot monitor the network between you and LAWK. The security and confidentiality of connection and data transmission are guaranteed.

5. Intellectual Property Statement
5.1. Lawaken owns all copyrights and related patents of the hardware design, appearance design, software design, visual design, core algorithm, etc. of the wearable product, as well as all information related to the LAWK application (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, etc.) , videos, charts, interface design, layout framework, relevant data or electronic documents, etc.) are protected by local laws and regulations and corresponding international treaties, and Lawaken enjoys the above intellectual property rights. In any case, without the express authorization of Lawaken, the user shall not distribute any part or all of this product, or make derivative works based on it, or use unauthorized modified software, or perform restoration engineering, reverse compilation, including But not limited to the purpose of using the service for unauthorized purposes.

5.2. Including Lawaken's trademark, LAWK trademark, product, service name and Logo, etc., without Lawaken's prior written consent, users shall not display, use, copy, modify, disseminate or disseminate Lawaken and LAWK logo in any way. Bundled with other products or otherwise processed. Without Lawaken's permission, you may not use any products or services that are not related to Lawaken in any manner that may confuse users, or in any way that disparages or defames Hong Kong Lawaken Technology Co., Ltd. or its affiliates. All other trademarks that appear on Lawaken that do not belong to the above-mentioned subjects are the respective properties of their trademark owners, who may or may not be associated with, associated with, or owned by Hong Kong Lawaken Technology Co., Ltd. Sponsored by an affiliate of Cocoa Technology Co., Ltd. Nothing on Lawaken should be construed as granting, by implication or otherwise, a license or right to use a trademark appearing on the site without the written permission of Hong Kong Lawaken Technology Co., Ltd. or the relevant trademark owner.

6. Disclaimer
6.1. Lawaken does not guarantee that the software service will be uninterrupted or error-free in operation, that all defects of the software service will be corrected, and that the software service can meet all requirements of users. Lawaken will not bear any responsibility for the consequences arising therefrom.

6.2. Lawaken shall not be liable for all losses suffered by users due to third parties such as communication line failures, technical problems, network and mobile phone terminal equipment failures, system instability and other force majeure reasons.

6.3. Lawaken does not guarantee the legality, authenticity, accuracy and validity of the information obtained through this software (including but not limited to the third-party service content called), and Lawaken is not responsible for the user's inquiries and views. no responsibility for the result of any action.

6.4. Lawaken reminds users that in order to protect the autonomy of the company's business development and adjustment, Lawaken can modify or interrupt the service at any time after notifying users in a reasonable way. The user understands and agrees that Lawaken will use its commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the security of the user's data storage in the software and services, but Lawaken cannot provide a complete guarantee. The user must understand that Lawaken is not responsible for the data in the service. Data deletion or storage or backup failure is responsible.

7. Liability for breach of contract
Lawaken has the right to judge whether the user's behavior conforms to the provisions of this agreement. If he believes that the user violates relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this agreement and relevant rules, according to the severity of the user's violation, Lawaken has the right to delete the violation from the user. Information, restriction, suspension, termination of the user's use of this software service, investigation of the user's legal responsibility, and other measures that Lawaken deems appropriate. If Lawaken suffers any losses (including but not limited to receiving any third-party claims or penalties from any administrative department), the user shall bear full responsibility.

8. Changes, suspension or termination of products/services
8.1. Users should standardize and legally use the products and services provided by Lawaken (including LAWK, websites and smart products). For the conduct of this agreement, Lawaken has the right to take the following measures:

(1) Directly delete content that violates laws and regulations or this agreement;

(2) Restrict your right to use products and services;

(3) Terminate your right to use products and services;

(4) Take back your account and have the right to prohibit you from applying for or obtaining a new account through other means;

(5) Investigate your legal responsibility in accordance with the law and ask for corresponding damages.

For the aforementioned situation, Lawaken is not obliged to notify the user.

8.2. Unless otherwise stipulated by the law, the user is responsible for backing up the data stored in LAWK by himself. If the user's service is terminated, Lawaken has the right to permanently delete all your relevant data in LAWK from the server without any liability. Obligation to return or provide the aforementioned data to you in any form.

8.3. Certain individual services may require you to accept an agreement specially formulated for the service or other rules that bind you and the service provider at the same time. Lawaken will provide these agreements and rules in a prominent manner for your reference. Once you start using the above-mentioned services, you are deemed to be bound by relevant agreements and rules related to individual services at the same time.

9. Application of law and dispute resolution
(1) The conclusion, entry into force, interpretation, revision, supplement, termination, execution and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA") and other jurisdictions laws with a similar basis. If there is no relevant provision in the law, refer to business practices and/or industry practices.

(2) Any disputes arising from your use of Lawaken's services and related to Lawaken's services shall be resolved by Lawaken through negotiation with you. If the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the court with jurisdiction in the place where Hong Kong Lawaken Technology Co., Ltd. is located.

10. Other regulations
Lawaken will notify the user of the modification of the terms of service, service changes and/or other important matters by email or in a manner that Lawaken deems appropriate. After Lawaken sends a message to the user through any of the above methods, if the user fails to raise an objection in writing within 3 days, it is deemed to accept the content of the new message.

If you have any other concerns or questions, please contact us at"service@Lawaken.com."

Last update: May 10, 2023.